Pitwillow Alpaca Stud is situated in the Avon Valley, a quiet and peaceful part of the Western Australian countryside, 15km from the nearest town of Northam which is an easy 98km journey from the capital city of Perth.

In August of 2000 we at Pitwillow Alpacas purchased our first alpacas, 3 females, 1 male and 1 lovely grey wether, mostly to keep the grass down. We were quite happy to continue with this small number of alpaca until 2002, when everything changed.

We at Pitwillow Alpacas were introduced to, and lost our hearts to the rare and stunning Suri Alpaca.

Pitwillow Alpacas purchased five breeding females and a beautiful little male we called "First Star". Pitwillow Alpacas entered First Star into the 2002 Perth Royal Show where he lived up to his name and, at the tender age of 6 months was awarded Supreme Champion Suri of the Show.

Pitwillow Alpacas love affair with the Suri continues and by using selected matings for our Suri girls, we continue to produce quality, award winning white and coloured alpaca.

Visits to two consecutive National Alpaca Shows by Pitwillow Bilal, our stunning black suri male, received first and second ribbons. Pitwillow Bilal has been a consistent broad ribbon winner within Western Australia and is now providing us with cria that are full of potential in the show ring.

Pitwillow Javiero, mated to our white and lighter coloured females, has produced both fineness and luster in the fleece of his offspring, who, along with the cria of Pitwillow Bilal, are "taking after their Dad".

Pitwillow Alpacas have now opened an Alpaca knitwear store in the nearby town of Toodyay where selected garments made from the fibre of these unique animals is available all year. Pitwillow Alpacas also have available a range of locally produced gift wear and of course the fabulous alpaca teddy bears.